Azure eyes narrowed contemplatively as they scanned the darkening sky above. There was a shift in atmospheric pressure teetering on the edge of abnormal that had caught the angel’s attention and now, standing on the rooftop of a non-descriptive building, Castiel was trying to discover what was behind it. The onslaught of weather changes since his attention had been captured was escalating at a pace that even surprised him, which should be impossible.

There was no demonic or spiritual signature that he could read to explain it. But there was something else concerning: it was getting worse. The pressure was dropping at an accelerated rate while wind speed was gaining strength. His gaze flickered down as he felt the tug on his overcoat as if to punctuate his realization. It had the makings of a furious storm, perhaps even a hurricane, which wouldn’t seem unusual if it didn’t seem so sudden and unpredictable.

Only a half hour ago, the skies had been clear. The sun had been bright and the temperature had been at 36 degrees by the Celsius scale, 97 by Fahrenheit. (It was confusing why there were two different scales to measure temperature, but that wasn’t the issue at hand. He’d have to remember to ask Sam about that later.)

His focus shifts from his coat to the coastline visible across the line of building to his left. He could see humanity casually enjoying the surf as though the ominous signs in weather was nothing to be concerned with. Why wouldn’t they care about the sudden shift? Couldn’t they feel the turmoil the weather was falling into?

With a rustle of wings, Castiel disappeared from the rooftop and reappeared seconds later yards above the ocean. Below him he could see the numerous species of marine life; most notably a large shiver of sharks making their way North.

Head tilting in curiosity, he studies them for a moment. The sharks themselves seemed abnormal as well though, again, there was no sign of anything supernatural or spiritual being involved. Their current posture signaled high aggressiveness; not only were their backs were hunched as they swam, but their pectoral fins were lowered. Paired together it lead to a rapid zig-zag swimming formation that bordered on frantic.

With no clear answers as to the change in nature, the only option he had was to track down the Winchesters. Together they could figure out the cause before the situation took a dire turn. Slipping his hand into his coat pocket, his fingers curl around the phone given to him by the brothers. His thumb types in one of two numbers he has memorized before bringing it up to his ear and, patiently, he waits for Dean to answer.

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xsaltstainedleather xIt's a sharknado. Though technically it was a hurricane but Sharkacane didn't have a smooth ring to it apparently xOr would it be hurrashark?


30 days of spn women | Day 24: The family relationship the show dropped the ball on

↳  Cas & his sisters (Rachel, Anna, Hester)

I wanted more of the relationships with the sisters.

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Misha Collins in TSA America
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castiel + 2 (@anon)

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Blue, drawn in PS.


Blue, drawn in PS.

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image ”Um, yeah, I do.” The brunette searched her pockets before pulling out the phone, holding it up for the angel to see. Selena didn’t feel unsafe, but she couldn’t but feel slightly uneasy about this. It wasn’t that is was because Sam wasn’t there, that was part of it, she just didn’t sure how this situation with Castiel would turn out with only the two of them there. “So, what’s the plan, Angel man?”

The angel’s brows furrow together at the nickname and he’s about to correct her with ‘no, angels do not have genders’ but he decides to let it go. It’s probably something akin to a nick name anyway.

"There’s been whispers on the angel radio of the creature Dean and Sam are currently hunting. I don’t think it’s anything they’ve dealt with before and I’d rather handle it myself. However, the timeline before it’s appearance is short so I need you to come with me to aid in warding the area. Once done, you can return here." he doesn’t mention what he plans to do with the creature and instead glances briefly at her phone. "That is in case any problem should arise. You will run as fast and far as you can, then contact Sam immediately to come to you. Are you ready?"

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   ”I…are you sure? Sam, or Dean might be better…except they’re out interviewing the victim’s family.” She sighed, and rubbed a hand over her face.”Alright, I’m just, a bit rusty, because I’m use to staying here. Anything we need?” She asked, moving across the motel room to grab her jacket.

Staying silent, Castiel lets her work out his reasoning behind asking for her aid. Once she’s reached the logical conclusion, he gives a slight nod of agreement. “You won’t be involved in any physical altercation. I need you as a lookout.”

He knew the trouble he would be in with the Winchesters if Selena was harmed and he wouldn’t risk her safety if he could avoid it. At her inquiry, he waved an arm at the angelic blade and hunting supplies borrowed from the Winchester brothers. “I have everything I need. Do you have a cellphone? You won’t need anything else.”

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   ”Do we have to do this? Why can’t I stay behind and do the research?”

"We don’t have time for research," Azure eyes lifted briefly from the supplies the angel was gathering to study the young woman. He can understand her unease but at this point there’s no other he can rely on. His focus returns to his task though he adds words that he hopes will set her at ease. "I need your help. I wouldn’t ask this of you otherwise."

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xI'm gonna answer this if you don't mind xwifeofanexbloodjunkie

I’m alive.

(Hola peoplemigos?)

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